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Packet-Master USB480+

- Replaced by USB500 AG -

Packet-Master USB480

High Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed
USB Bus Analyser

  • Analyse any speed of device or host
  • On-the-Go analysis
  • 64 Mbyte FIFO
  • Advanced Hardware triggering
  • Pre-Trigger Buffer
  • Highly cost-effective development solution

Total Solution For USB Analysis

For those developers requiring an analysis solution for High, Full and Low Speed USB, we have developed the Packet-Master USB480+™.

In addition to the features of the USB12, we have added High Speed capability, On-The-Go analysis, and advanced hardware triggering with pre-trigger event buffer.

The Packet-Master USB480+ is supplied complete with our Windows application GraphicUSB for capturing and displaying every detail of the data interactions on a USB link.

For replacement product, see Packet-Master USB500 AG