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  Type-C Breakout

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USB Power Delivery Test Equipment

Packet-Master USB-PDT

The USB-PDT is a Power Delivery Compliance tester.

It is capable of performing the complete suite of USB-IF Power Delivery Compliance Tests for both Cable E-Marker and PD Devices.

The USB-PDT is intended for use by compliance test houses and USB-IF workshops, and will also be found to be of great value to developers of Power Delivery Devices and E-markers, as it can save its cost many times over in potential failure of compliance testing done for the purpose of certification.


USB-PDT User Calibration Kit (version for BT3)

User-based Calibration Jig for PDT. Allows the user to calibrate the PDT using only a calibrated multimeter. It can also calibrate the test cable.


PDT Analyser Pod

Converts the PDT into a non-intrusive PD Analyser.


Type-C Breakout

The Type-C Breakout Unit allows investigation of the signals in a Type-C cable connection which can be examined and interrupted.