GameBoy Book Reader
[Last Modified: 5 October 2006]
GameBoy Book Reader allows you to make a text file into a book which you can read on the GameBoy or GameBoy Advance. You need to program the .GB or .GBA file produced onto a suitable FLASH memory cartridge.
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New Fonts to use with Makebook

Richard Pettifer has made an excellent set of new fonts for use with Makebook

Follow this link...


Some Ready Made Books

'The Bible' plus 'Rules Of Chess' added here

Combined Midi and Wav File Plug-in for Pogoshell 2.0 Now In .MBZ format

Read about it here

Ready Made Books

Another new public domain book ROM added here

  • New Font Import Function from BMP.
  • New Text Import Functions HTML, RTF, PDF.
  • New 16 pixel Font (similar to Verdana)

Download V4.92b

General Tidy-up resulting from problems encountered producing 'The Complete Sherlock Holmes'

Get 'The Complete Sherlock Holmes' here

Thanks to Garp at Garpland for hosting this file

All the stories, all the pictures, all the music...


JPEG Plug-in V0.92 For Pogoshell - Source Code

Add your own improvements!

JPEG Plug-in V0.92 For Pogoshell

Improved JPEG Viewer now multiboot AND power-saving.

Re-released with both .bin and smaller .mbz versions.

Report on my Hong Kong Trader Problem

For those who were following my problems with a Hong Kong Trader, I can now report the following.

After I finally gave up hope of receiving my goods (as I was receiving no replies to my many emails), I decided as a last ditch attempt, to report the matter to the Hong Kong Police, whose email address I found quite easily. They responded with a request for more details, which I sent them.

Three weeks later, out of the blue, came around 8 emails from the Trader, apologising, and saying that he was sending me an upgraded version of the goods I had originally ordered. Three days later I received them.

The Hong Kong Police checked back with me to confirm that I had indeed received the goods now.

I have nothing but praise for the Hong Kong Police!

Modifying the Parallel Port F2A Cable to work with GBA SP

Translation of a Tutorial by Tony Cool

Sound Plug-in V0.90 For Pogoshell

MIDI and WAV Plug-ins combined (including ADPCM)

Don't be fooled by the version number.
This includes the latest features and should be used in
preference to the separate MIDI or WAV players

WAV File Plug-in V0.92 For Pogoshell

Interrupt bug fix.

Now With 'Pitch Bend'

Download MIDI Plug-in V0.91 For Pogoshell

Download a Demo of MIDI Plug-in

(Some tunes which sound rather nice. For this demo you will need to use a cartridge which is compatible with Pogoshell, like F2A types. If the screen is blank, try clearing out your sram if you've been using Pogoshell before on the same cartridge.)

New Site Address:
From V3.4 - Icelandic and Greek scroll bars added - Allows mono bitmap any multiple of text row height. Available for download here.


From V3.3 - Japanese language support available for testing, Progress Bar and Multi-book Version.





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