GameBoy Book Reader -
Finding Texts

[Last Modified: Apr 2004]



Finding Book Texts

The example shows a cartridge binary image for the Book Reader containing the complete original version of Robinson Crusoe. Many such texts can be obtained from Project Gutenberg or Project Runeberg, and incorporated onto a cartridge.

I would like to include links to other sources of text - perhaps in other languages, so let me know if you know any, with an email to:

If you find the program useful please send me a book text to this address:

(Note: Address for comments, etc: )

The best thing you could do is to send:

  • the original book text prepared for Makebook (chapters marked, etc)
  • a .gb file you made from it using Makebook
  • a short description of the book in English and in the original book language, mentioning the book title and author.
  • if you know when (if) the author died it would help to decide if the book can be published

If you can only send me part of this list then that is also ok.

If the book is out of copyright and interesting, I will try and arrange for it to appear on the ebooks2go web page.

I would very much like to receive interesting books in all languages.



Suggested Sources of Texts


Project Gutenberg

  • I guess they started it all. Loads of books - mostly in English.

Project Runeberg

  • Scandinavian version, mostly Swedish books but some Danish, Icelandic etc

Das Projekt Gutenberg - DE

  • German texts on a site with (it seems) no connection to Project Gutenberg. Slightly commercial flavour.

ABU : la Bibliothèque Universelle

  • L'accès libre au texte intégral d'oeuvres du domaine public francophone sur Internet depuis 1993.


  • Seems to be a sort of Japanese Gutenburg. I even found some Sherlock Holmes there!

Russian Electronic Library

  • 4.6 GB of texts. Info from Slava Ozonov