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[Last Modified: 12 February 2002]

Book Recommendation

CJKV Information Processing

by Ken Lunde

While I have been researching Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages for this GameBoy/PC project I have had emails recommending a book which I would find useful. In the end I actually bought the book in spite of the price, and in my opinion it was worth every penny.

This book is a mine of information on how Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese languages are dealt with by computing systems. If you have never been exposed to the problem, this book will be a revelation.

The book covers Writing Systems, Character Set Standards, Encoding Methods, Input Methods, and a whole set of other issues relating to CJKV processing. There are between 500 and 600 pages of Appendices with some tremendous lists gleaned from various national specifications.


I found this book really enlightening when it came to explaining the relationship between these languages and the Chinese heritage of characters. I have no hesitation in recommending the book to anyone interested in how Chinese has affected computing.

I also researched prices and found the lowest price at the link above. By the way if you buy the book after following the link, you don't pay any more but you do support this project.


Book Suggestion

This is an English translation of the Japanese text (written 1904-1906) which I am using to test Japanese support on the GameBoy Book Reader. I haven't read more than the very beginning yet, and it has had mixed reviews, but as I like cats, the concept appeals to me.

Book Suggestion


This is a book which I have set my heart on owning. The GameBoy Book Reader so far only covers left to right languages with no combining characters. As I hope to go on adding support for more unusual languages, this book is a must have. But it's not cheap!

Book Suggestion


It's hard to see how a project so dependent on Unicode as the GameBoy Book Reader could be progressed without the Unicode Standard. Most of this book can be read at the Unicode website, but for convenient reference there is no substitute for the book.


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