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[Last Modified: 21 June 2002]


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'Foreign' Language Support
- Help Requested

The reader works with most West European languages. Here is a Swedish example.

I am currently trying to add support for the Scroll line in a variety of languages. So far I have the text for English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Dutch, Portugese, Spanish, Catalan, and French. I would welcome further contributions (from native speakers). The obvious omission at the moment is Danish. The translation should be as close as possible in format to the one shown above. The word SCROLL should be abreviated to 6 / 7 characters if at all possible, and the 4 options should be abreviated to 4 / 5 characters if possible.

So contributions should be text in the form:

Scroll: Line Page Cap All


Liiku:  Rivi Sivu Kapp Lop 

I will credit any contributions used in the source code unless you tell me otherwise. Send contributions to this address: