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Downloads for GameBoy Book Reader

[Last Modified: Jan 2005]


What Is Available For Download?

  • Complete Source Code for PC and Gameboy for V2.3

  • Application only for Gameboy and GameBoy Advance V4.92b

  • Pogoshell MIDI Plug-in

  • Pogoshell WAV File Plug-in

  • Pogoshell Sound File Plug-in

  • Pogoshell JPEG File Plug-in

V2.3 Source Code

This is the complete source code for a Western European and Korean version for GameBoy Color only. (Also monochrome GameBoys with a small bug fix).

This is VC++ code for Makebook plus .ASM code for the GameBoy engine.

It is available free of charge as a guide to GameBoy coders.

V4.92 Makebook Application

The application will take a text in almost any language and make it into a book to read on GameBoy, or GameBoy Advance.

The GBA version supports 50 bookmarks, hyperlinks, colour pictures and MIDI files (some features for registered users only).

This is Shareware and if you register it is more likely that I will continue the project.

You may also need a cartridge.



Downloads without Source
(Latest Version, For Users)

With new Import Functions

The file gbbook.exe is an Installer (NSIS based). Just run it from anywhere to install Makebook.

In this version Arabic Users should use the 16 pixel high font, Chinese / Japanese / Hebrew users should use the 12 or 16 pixel high fonts, Korean users should be able to use any font, and most other users can pick any. 16 pixel high is a real alternative with the larger Advance screen. For Traditional Chinese at 12 pixel height, select font f_trad_ch12.gbf.

Please note that on some versions of Windows in China, and other non-Western countries, the text file will look like rubbish. But don't worry. If it looks ok in Notepad it will still make a good book ROM.




JPEG Plug-in for PogoShell V0.92 Source Code

For Pogoshell users...(JPEG Viewer with source code)


JPEG Plug-in for PogoShell V0.92

For Pogoshell users...(JPEG Viewer)


Sound Plug-in for PogoShell V0.90 (with MBZ version V0.91)

For Pogoshell users...(MIDI and WAV file Player)


Midi Plug-in for PogoShell V0.91

For Pogoshell users...


WAV File Plug-in for PogoShell V0.91

For Pogoshell users...


Downloads with Source
(for Developers - GameBoy only)

  • Game Boy Book Reader V2.3b (
    Source code and application for original version. All characters are 8 pixel high and you have to pick either the West European font or the Korean font. Please note that I will try to fix the 2 outstanding bugs in this version soon. (No mono Gameboys, and short words at end of line sometimes have leading space missing.) These have been fixed in V3.0
  • ECAL Control File for Game Boy (gb.txt)
    For Users of ECAL wanting to develop for GB.



Downloads (since V3.0)