GameBoy Book Reader -

[Last Modified: 11 January 2002]


[Still Under Construction]


The following people contributed Scroll Bar Translations...

German scroll text from Sven Dawitz

Finnish scroll text from Sami Koivisto

French scroll text from Nicolas Blondiau

Swedish scroll text from Jan Måhlén

Norwegian scroll text from Frank Fugledal

Italian scroll text from Paolo Borzini

Dutch scroll text from Serge Defever

Portugese scroll text from Jose Orlando t. Ribeiro

Spanish scroll text from Ramon Marti and Oscar Boué

Catalan scroll text from Ramon Marti

Polish scroll text from aRPi

Greek scroll text from K. Tsakaloglou

Chinese scroll text from JACK (xiaodao)

Icelandic scroll from Ragnar

Hebreq Scroll bar text from Yotam Ofek

The following people contributed help with fonts..

Korean font design and much additional help from Kwak Dong-an

Chinese fonts from ChenShiLiang and JACK (xiaodao)

Russian font by Nikita

Polish font corrections from aRPi (who also pointed out how to do the Hicolor intro)

Some Techniques used are based on work done by...

Jeff Frohwein

Glen Cook

Books and/or Texts contributed by...

Kwak Dong-an

JACK (xiaodao)


Brian Wallace


Original Inspiration from...

Martin Korth's Infocom game interpreter