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Packet-Master USB500 AG+

High Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed USB Bus Analyser / USB Generator / VBUS Monitor

plus Optional Protocol Tester Mode.

The Packet-Master USB500 AG can be configured either as a Hardware USB Bus Analyser, or a USB Generator. As an analyser it is intended for development of Low, Full and High Speed USB devices or hosts. It includes On-The-Go analysis, a 64 Mbyte FIFO, and advanced hardware triggering. In this mode it has all the functionality of the Packet-Master 480+.

Configured as a USB Generator, it will emulate a host or a device, allowing you to exercise a unit under development in any way you wish.

In either configuration it performs continuous VBUS voltage and current measurement

A new Protocol Tester mode option is now available by registration. This mode, similar to the functionality of the USB-PET, allows the running of scripts which test the response of a Device Under Test to various protocols, such as the Chapter 9 command set.