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Packet-Master USB480+

Advance Triggering

Packet-Master 480+ (and Packet-Master 500AG) have one of the most comprehensive set of advanced triggering features on the market. At the same time the function is one of the easiest to use, owing to its ergonomic design.

Triggering Events

Hardware triggering can be set to occur on the following events:

  • Any Event
  • Start Button (Manual)
  • BNC Socket Input On Condition
  • BNC Socket Input Off Condition
  • Any of four specified Token Packets
  • Any of four specified Data Packets
  • Any of four specified Split Packets
  • ACK Packet
  • NAK Packet
  • STALL Packet
  • NYET Packet
  • Not Handshake Packet (any event other than ACK, NAK, STALL or NYET packet)
  • ERR Packet
  • PRE Packet
  • Specified SOF Packet
  • Reserved PID Packet
  • Bus Reset
  • Suspend
  • Resume
  • HS Handshake OK
  • HS Handshake Fail
  • Chirp
  • Keep Alive
  • Data Line High
  • Data Line Low
  • Vbus On
  • Vbus Off
  • Specified Error Condition
  • Any of four sequences of up to four of the above events occurring consecutively
  • A counted quantity (up to of any of 65535) of any of the above
  • A set of up to four of any of the above which occur in a particular order though not necessarily consecutively

Pre-Trigger Buffer

The USB480+ contains a Pre-Trigger Buffer of up to 32M bytes, with is able to capture events which occur before the trigger point, to allow analysis of the events which lead up to a particular occurance.

Trigger Presets

Triggering setup is simplified by the addition of a number of preset trigger configurations. These include:

  • Triggering OFF
  • Manual Triggering
  • Trigger on any Transaction
  • Trigger on any Data Packet
  • Trigger on Bus Reset
  • Trigger on Preamble with Setup Transaction
  • Trigger on Isochronous In Transaction
  • Trigger on Isochronous Out Transaction
  • Trigger on In or Out Transaction
  • Trigger on Ping Transaction
  • Trigger on Split Setup Transaction
  • Trigger on Split Bulk In or Out Transaction
  • Trigger on Split Interrupt In or Out Transaction
  • Trigger on Split Isochronous In or Out Transaction
  • Trigger on Specified Data Pattern
  • Trigger on Chirp
  • Trigger on Suspend or Resume
  • Trigger on Error Condition