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Packet-Master USB480+

Export Functions

GraphicUSB is able to export a variety of information to a range of useful file formats.

Capture Event Information

Events in a specified range, with varying levels of filtering, can be exported to a text file.

A special 'data only' option is available to export filtered packet data only to be exported to a text file in plain hex, "C" formatted hex, asm formatted hex, or to a straight binary file.

Data from a specific event

This can be exported in "C" or "asm" format, or as a binary file.


GraphicUSB can export Device, Configuration or String Descriptors, in commented "C" or commented asm formats. e.g.:

Generator Script

GraphicUSB can export a Generator Script file, for use with the Packet-Master 500 AG.

Device Info File

GraphicUSB can produce a Device Info file, which contains enough information to identify the device and its capabilities. This can then automatically be referred to during later captures, to allow full analysis to take place, even though the enumeration phase may not have been included in the capture.